Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

november reign!

nov. 11 @ Garlic (lärchenstr.) Dresden w/ Uzomi
nov. 12 @ Conny Wessmann Haus Großenhain w/ Slave Driver, Daggers, Black Haven
nov. 27 @ AZ Conni Dresden w/ Goldust, Matula

see you there. -DR.

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

past/upcoming shows

we played our first show last thursday @ P7 (dresden) with slave driver and infected. it was a fucking blast. thanks to the P7 guys, to the bands and to all the people who came out.


nov. 11. @ "garlic" lärchenstr. // Dresden
nov. 12. @ "conny wessman haus with, black haven + daggers // Großenhain

 dec. 29. @ "buntes Haus" with, downpresser + infected. // Forst

a demo will be recorded in november and more shows will follow.

see you soon


deathrite is online...

's up everybody, we're online now.
it's just to give some updates, where we play next shows recording shit and stuff like that.

see you in november.